In 2012, Glo Mobile Ghana, a subsidiary of Globacom International of Nigeria, was lincensed and launched its commercial operations in the country. Mr. George Andah, Former Chief Operating Officer who is now the Deputy Minister of Communications who was then the CEO of GLO GHANA said

“Now we are ready to provide Ghana with the most affordable and reliable telecommunications services you have not just been yearning for, but that you really deserve,”

“We have promised the people of Ghana that we will roll-out the most modern network with affordable products and services in the major regions of the country from day one, and today we are proud to tell you that we have kept our promise,” he added.

No body wants to wash their dirty linen in public but Glo Mobile Ghana have really ignored the complains and frustrations from its customers poured out on them to fix their extremely poor network which goes contrary to the sugar coated words poured out to Ghanaians which misled them to Reserve, Port and Switch to Glo. As Mobile phones and other elctronic gadgets have become an essential part of life on which millions of people depend for business, communications and emergency.

They have lost countless subscribers due the poor services they are providing in Ghana but continue to spend millions of dollars on Entertainment Shows and Paying huge sums of money to undeserving comedians, musicians and movie stars for the show of which undoubtedly  i will say Glo is good at Sponsoring and Promoting Entertainment Shows than providing better network services:

1.Poor Network Coverage Nationwide

2. Poor Internet Connectivity

3. Poor Unstable network signals which goes off as Electricity offs and can take days and  several weeks or even months for the network to be fully operational “DUMSOR DUMSOR NETWORK”.

4. Poor Customer service provision to adress customers complains but Glo Social Media Presence becomes super active when promoting Entertainment shows but goes off completely with no Status updates on their poor services and no reponse to the plight of their Subcribers.

5. Cheap Data and call rates to lure customers to subscribe but Network becomes unstable after subcription with no Network Satisfaction.

6. No Mobile Money transactions can be done on Glo Mobile and Not even Mobile banking Interoperability of which Glo does not even exist on the list of compactible networks to recieve banking services.



The style of governance in Ghana is accustomed with the “Winner Takes All” of which anyone whos’s “WITHOUT ANY JOB EXPERIENCES can get political appointments to state funded agencies in charge of Ministry of Communications and the National Communications Authority (NCA) whose core mandate is to:

  1. Grant licenses and authorisations for operation of communication systems and services.
  2. Ensure fair competition among licensees.
  3. Establish and monitor quality of service indicators for operators and service providers.
  4. Educate and Protect Consumers.
  5. Authorise Type Approval and and Enforce Equipment Standards
  6. Coordinate International Frequency

This is the responsibilities of National Communications Authorities (NCA) but per strict monitoring on what they do, Only “Granting licenses and authorisations for operation of communication systems and services” have been honoured but the rest they have failed due to their poor supervision and monitoring of network operations and countless lip singing publications on their website with no action taken to punish Telcom Companies in Ghana abusing their mandatory duties assigned to them not suprising after revoking lincenses of some radio stations in Ghana the Ministry of Communications and the National Communications Authority (NCA) slashed the fines for the sanctioned commercial FM Broadcasting stations by 50 percent as if they are begging them to pay but its part of their obligations to Renew their lincenses, Regularise their operations, Pay their outstanding indebtedness (Annual Regulatory and Spectrum fees) and submit renewal applications.

Because of the kind of dirty politics in Ghana even if lincenses of mobile networks are revoked it will be used as a campaign message for the opposition party with numerous press conferences to adress  to their followers but these PROBLEMS started  when Glo started its operations but all complains were neglected which resulted into the poor services we have now.

In Ghana Most Popular people  claim they are talented but pay no taxes to Ghana Government, Often live fake lifestyles to mislead their followers and with No better public service to the Nation are seen as “CELEBRITIES” as if they have done something worth celebrating. Glo mobile network have signed most of these “Popular People” with large following in Ghana with huge sums of money to advertise and promote their “BRANDS” on several platforms ie. Radio, TV, Social Media.. etc.

But aside these sponsorships are these popular “CELEBRITIES” using the Glo network themselves?

If YES then they are misleading their followers and thinking about their personal interest first.

But if NO then i will say ” Birds of the same feather flock together” and do these popular people pay taxes out of these huge deals with Glo mobile network to Government?


                 How much did Glo spend on this Entertainment Events in Ghana and  How much was Paid to these “SO CALLED AFRICAN STARS”? And No Glo network is 100% available in  every Area in Ghana.

Nadian Buari is so Happy about her Sponsorship Deal but her followers trust her enough?

Yvonne Nelson who campaigned against Poor Electric Power Supply in Ghana is signed to Glo Mobile Network who is also offering Poor Network services. Honey is dripping in her Mouth so does she care enough?

Juliet ibrahim is also signed to Glo Mobile Network but she keeps changing relationships claiming there are problems but sees nothing wrong with Glo poor Network Services?

Van Vicker and Martha Ankomah are also signed to Glo..Seems they are Happy because of the moneys they will be recieving from Glo Mobile Network. Can you Make a comment below??

Per their spendings i doubt if they can be adviced because they keep on reducing the prices of Data services just to mislead their subscribers without providing better network coverage and responds to concerns raised on their social media handles making them the Only Network in Ghana with the Most Mismanaged Socila Media Pages and Least liked online.



Lets calculate the amount spent on these Entertainment shows and Signing of brand promotions and Advertisement which is of ZERO benefits to subscribers and concerns raised about their poor services, And in all things Nothing is solved.

Cant these money be channeled into:

  1. Glo Mobile Network maintainance.
  2. Modern Network Equipments of high international standards.
  3. Better customer satisfaction.
  4. Nationwide Network coverage.
  5. Improvement on introducing Glo Mobile Mobile Services which does not exist in Ghana.
  6. Stable Internet Connectivity.

Atleast something can be solved but the Key Agency providing Supervision and Monitoring on Telcom companies is aware of these unwarranted spendings on Entertainment shows instead of massive improvement of network operations in Ghana.

There are thousands of consumers who are accepting poor service without complain. WHO IS TO BE BLAMED?

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