This Made4Me offer is exclusive to Prepaid Vodafone Mobile Customers only.

A customer can subscribe to the offer by dialing the USSD short code *530#.

Three offers are presented to you to choose from upon dialing the shortcode.

The offers can co-exist with other bundles with M4M offers having priority until allocations are exhausted.

M4M offers do not auto-renew upon expiry. A subscriber needs to redial the shortcode to renew the Offer.

Registration onto any M4M offer is charged as per the cost indicated on USSD menu.

You can register for any M4M that is made available to you at the time of dialing the shortcode (*530#). You will only be limited by the availability of your buckets.

A customer can continue to subscribe for supporting offers such as data packages, Blackberry packages, International packages, SMS packages, Value Added Services packages and roaming packages.

A Vodafone Customer’s continued participation in the Offer constitutes the member’s acceptance of any changes to these Terms and Conditions. Participants are responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to any changes that Vodafone may make to these Terms and Conditions.

source: Vodafone Ghana
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