How to Download Instagram Stories.

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Let’s say your crush or favorite personality on Instagram posts a video on their Stories and you want to watch and download and share but there’s no option on INSTAGRAM APP that allows downloading of stories. However, there is an option of saving the INSTAGRAM story on Instagram Stories Download and its very effective.

  1. Go to the Browser
  2. Visit  Instagram Stories Download
  3. Open Instagram Stories Webpage and type the USERNAME of the instagram user and search but if the USER PAGE is private, then log in to your Instagram account.
  4. Check out all the Stories from your followers on your main Story Saver page, or search a username to look at others
  5. Simply click to download the photo or video you want. You can also rightclick and copy the download link to your internet downloader.
  6. Check the Downloads folder and Play the videos. Cheers!!!

NOTE: Are you aware that even if your Instagram story Varnish off after the time lapse, its still on INSTAGRAM servers and can be downloaded if the story link is still available via a third party website like the on above.

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