1. Download and install Anonytun Pro
2. Go-to stealth settings
3. Change port to 80
4. Go-to edit custom tcp/http header
5. Host:
Request Method: POST
Injection Method: NORMAL


Then Generate.

6. Go back to main interface
7. Check Premium
8. Connect

1. Download HTTP Proxy Injector
2. Installation password of the software: a-dev1412
3. Create a SSH account at  or any other SSH site. After creating the account, you will be given a Host IP, username and your password. The default port to your created account is 443.

4. Obtain a Proxy:Port from Always choose Proxies with 100% quality, high speed and all three boxes checked, which is the Get, Post and Connect. The Proxy:Port is in the form

5. After the installation process, open the software (shortcut created to your desktop) and click on SSH tab. Input your host, port, username and password. Then check Bitwise and PF Portable.

6. Click Inject tab, input the Proxy:Port in its appropriate space provided.

7. Click on Tool, at the top left corner of the interface and select Payload Generator.
Method: POST
Injection: Back Injection
Check X-Online-Host, User Agent and Keep-Alive. Then click on Generate Payload

8. Click on Start to connect. You will receive a notification when connected.
Note: It connects with 0.00

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