AirtelTigo BIG TIME Data Bundles Do Not Expire.

Introducing our BIG TIME Data Bundles. More data than anywhere else on Ghs 1, 2, 5 and 10 bundles. Get 1.5 GB for 10 Ghs and a BIG 2 GB for the same price when you bundle with an AirtelTigo scratch card or AirtelTigo money. And also, no more daily, weekly or monthly. BIG TIME Data Bundles do not expire.

Mobile network operator, AirtelTigo has become the first service provider to launch data bundles with “no expiry” for new and existing pre-paid customers in the country.

Called the ‘Big Time Data Bundles’, customers will be able to get more data value than anywhere else for GHS 1, GHS 2, GHS 5 and GHS 10.

According to the Director of Market Growth at AirtelTigo, Pius Owusu-Tuffour, the bundles will allow customers who can now get 1.5 GB for only GHS 10, the freedom to watch movies online and browse their favourite news and entertainment websites.

The bundles will also enable customers to access their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and others. The ‘Big Time Data Bundles’ which are available to pre-paid customers only can be purchased by dialling *111#. Customers can also purchase these through AirtelTigo Money or by using scratch cards.

With no daily, weekly or monthly validity constraints, AirtelTigo is giving customers more data without the worry about when it will expire.


  1. Once an eligible subscriber reloads, the subscriber enjoys 100mb data and 100% Bonus or 200% Bonus on recharges valid for 7 days. An eligible subscriber is any customer who joined the network on or after the 16th of July.
  2. Eligible subscribers will have to reload once a month to enjoy the 100mb data.  This offer is available to eligible subscribers on their first recharge only for the first 6 months. After the 6th month from the day of connection, eligible subs will no longer enjoy the free 100mb on the first recharge of the month.
  3. Bonuses on recharge are valid for AirtelTigo-to-AirtelTigo calls and Pay As You Go data only.
  4. After the 7th day, subscriber will not be able to enjoy the benefits until he/she reloads again
  5. There is no roll-over option for the benefits.
  6. Information regarding the campaign that is published on authorized advertising materials will also form part of the terms and conditions of the campaign
  7. AirtelTigo may amend these terms and conditions at any time in their sole discretion, without notice.
  8. The freebies/benefits must be taken as “offered” and cannot be varied or extended or transferred or exchanged.
  9. Any extra products and services not included in this offer, but needed by the subscriber will have to be paid for by the subscriber.
  10. The interpretation of these terms and conditions is subject to AirtelTigo’s discretion
  11. Respective tariffs will be applied to all transactions that are not covered by the freebies/benefits
  12. If any of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid by any court with proficient jurisdiction the invalidity of such provision shall not impact on the validity of the rest of the terms and conditions, which shall continue to be binding.
  13. The terms and conditions outlined herein apply only to the “Acquisition Package” and cannot be used or interpreted on any other AirtelTigo campaigns, products and services.
  14.  It is AirtelTigo’s sole right to alter the duration of the offer any time it deems relevant.


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