IMANI Exposes Fake KELNIGVG Website after alleged $89million Fraud Contract with Ghana.

IMANI Center for Policy and Education, a Ghana-based think-tank which sets out to achieve its mission by subjecting any government policy that is likely to have systematic implications for development to basic ‘value for money’, ‘due diligence’ and ‘rational choice’, ‘public choice’ and ‘vested interest’ analysis and then actively engage in public advocacy to publicize the results, with a view to promoting peace and prosperity through human flourishing.

IMANI has been accusing the Ministry of Communication of signing an alleged fraudulent contracts with Global Voice Group (GVG) but Agents of the Ministry of Communications have been saying GVG helped Tanzania and other african countries to increase their revenue but aside these allegations Franklin Cudjoe the President of IMANI, GHANA who’s behind these allegations is also accusing the said company of creating a fake website as a coverup of that Fraudulent contract.
But must websites of multi-million communication companies be used as a portfolio in judging their competence???

These social media allegations must be extended to court for further investigations and better interpretation of these alleged fraudulent contracts to be abrogated or renegotiated for Ghana to benefit from it.


So here goes. Take a look at the screen shots before IMANI’s expose and now….Note that on the main website of the so called local company that bagged $89m free money, the phone number of the company is 1-800-123-45-67

It still hasnt changed till now, even though we are aware they are scrambling to create some semblance of credibility.

Note also that their social media handles still point to the template they bought from Themeforest Ancora Themes page, which any half-savvy web developer can find out. Talk about giving your secrets away in public so carelessly for a company being charged to supervise handling of all our phone calls, messages and data packets in the name of revenue assurance.

The problem of credibility here does not lie in just the contract, but the type of company. If it cant keep a website secure and is resorting to these shenanigans, how sure are we, since we DONT HAVE THE PROFILE OF A SINGLE STAFF MEMBER, that we are dealing with an organization that understand the depth and seriousness of the issue at hand.

For a company with such an impressive list of clients, the only stories on Google about it are about this looming scandal and the payoff that IMANI has brought to light. Indeed, even tiny websites with few clients have more information available than that.

Sadly, on their news blog, they are happily disparaging IMANI with the talk about Masquerading against the policy. It is funny that they will rather be calling people out for masquerading when they are the ones wearing the masks in a space where we all need to be transparent.

This deal should it continue will be a serious blight on the NPP government and it’s reputation on good dealmaking, at the very least.

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