Fake News Websites in Ghana

There are undoubtedly various lists of fake news sites in recent times in Ghana. These fake news sites intentionally publish hoaxes and disinformation to drive web traffic rather than for a humorous purpose, as in news satire.But all of these websites peddle bogus stories, either by making up fake news or sharing it from other sources. And it’s not always apparent to readers that’s the case. Planned fabricated reports on popular individuals shared by social media of which of lately most online users believe whatever they see online.

It’s also difficult to determine where these fictional and misleading stories come from, and just how they spread across the Internet.
Some websites just want their readers to click on their linked pages to generate advertising revenue to gain more money without thinking about the future consequences. Others, it appears, want to reinforce fiercely held political views of which some are paid for such unprofessional publications by their corrupt political affiliates or even getting government appointments when their party gains political power to lead the country as “THE WINNER TAKES ALL” governance practiced in Ghana.These politically framed content and most of their readers apparently get duped by fake news articles with misleading headlines which often has no link with the content.

Also some bloggers and almost all of them share or publish their content from other sites, either with or without attribution with no respect to copyright because in our of the world such things doesn’t not work.
Funny Enough they potentially create their own false stories, or distribute larger conspiracy theories which are mere superstitious stories which has no proof attached. As real facts can go less viral as compared to falsehood. They get away with it because they are constantly publishing fake news with copy and paste contents from other websites so they can publish more fake news each day.

The serious part of these fake websites are their massive followers most of them educated but they readily comment and share their fake contents online and most people aren’t able to distinguish fake from real news.


Fake news about Actress Yvonne Nelson and her marriage life.(yenghana.com)

Fake news about Political Allegations without facts about Ex-president John Mahama.

Fake News about the President of Ghana Nana AKufo addo approval of Gay Marriage and Press Release from the Presidency.

Fake news about the net worth of Okyeame Kwame to be $1.1 billion. (yenghana)

Warning from a Prominent Photographer in Ghana Yaw Pare about stealing and making fake stories around his copyright images by websites without due attribution and planning of sueing these fake sites.

Fake News accusing Sandra Ankobiah having breast Implants

Some known websites for publishing fake and misleading contents in ghana..:

1. www.alphalife.me
2. livefmghana.com
3. viralworldlist.com
4. www.ghlinks.com.gh
5. nkonkonsa.com
6. ghanandwom.net
7. www.castupdate.com
8. kikiotolu.com
9. networthvisa.com
10. yen.com.gh
11. ghpage.com
12. konkonsagh

NOTE: Most well known Media Websites in Ghana are also fond of these kind of fake news. cheers!!!

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