GCB Bank Scam Alert.

Electronic Banking can be the smartest and easiest way of transacting banking transfers and carrying less cash but these innovations adopted by the banking industry in Ghana must have a level of security and alert in-case an account is tempered with.

Because with just a click all your savings can be transferred by scammers and hackers sending phishing links to your emails and spam messages on your mobile devices pretending to be messages from your official bankers but its not, Any reply to any spam messages with your ATM details and Mobile Banking passwords can lead to huge losses to your bank account.

In view of this GCB Bank has alerted their customers to avoid such misleading messages.

Dear Valued Customer,

GCB Bank will never ask you to update your ATM details on any link.

Please delete any such messages without delay.

GCB-your bank for life.

Kindly contact us on Whatsapp, 0202-422-422 and Toll free 0800-422-422

source: GCB BANK

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