Social Media Followers can Become Customers for Life.

Is your presence on the internet having some influence on your followers? Social media is becoming an integrating part of our daily life through interactions we have with our friends and followers.
Do you have an existing business that you are planning to promote on Social Media ? Then you must improve your visibility on social media network with real greater interactions.

There several several social media platforms but I recommend Instagram and Facebook  because it is the best social media network. We all know the Interactions, Hash tags and the conversation on these social media platforms can be shared and promoted on a wider coverage for larger audiences. Friends and followers are integral part of your success online when building up strategies to turning social media pages into business ventures in real life.

Originality is the Key to internet business startup because one must do what really never existed online when satisfying a need and never look up to anyone for mentor-ship or standards you want the online business to become because some successful pages online are not worth it in real-life because of their  huge “fake” followers and “fake likes”. I will share and discuss the best practices to follow in building a successful business friendly pages.

1. Real Status and Bio Information must be attractive

Nobody will follow a Business Page with fake non-traceable contacts because there must be trust between the admin and the followers in-case there are financial exchanges to validate that there’s no fraudulent activities practiced on your business page. Followers must be able to read and understand information about the services provided on your social media business page. Racial languages / slurs and Hate information must be avoided because not everyone is interested in such practices. So one must provide valid information on their Business pages. Provide information the your target can relate with.

2. Post Valuable Content.

Unique content must be published on pages of which customers can easily understand. Published content must be original and not copied from pages because some of your followers may have come across it elsewhere online and they might unfollow your brand and not take your page very seriously. There’s no need to rush to publish post but it must be sensible enough to convince your followers which can lead them to share it to their friends and they will also have the interest to follow your brand.

3. Appreciate your Target Audience

What is nicer than working on your customer relations online and supplying them with their needs. One must know the kind of followers they have and be willing to appreciate the effort and support of their Target Audience because without them your brand will never be known.You can build a niche for yourself if you treat your followers with care.

4. Communicate with them outside Social Media

There’s a need to build a brand beyond social media to interacting with  them outside social media through the supply of reserved personal contacts specifically for your brand on your page.It must be reserved because putting personal contacts online can  attract spam messages and prank calls. Build a trust with your communication to convey valuable information that you’re looking forward to build a customer relations beside your brand.

5. Brand Transformation and Promotions.

Most Business pages online are focused on only their products and services but not putting structures in-place to build a valuable niche for themselves with their customers in mind. Through giveaways and other promotions on your business page at specific intervals target audiences can be convinced that you are not only interested in promoting your products and services but you also have them in mind. Let your customers know they are part of your success.


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