Vodafone Ghana App SHAKE Feature – Free 1GB Data for subscribers.

Shake is the all new exciting feature in the My Vodafone App, that allows Vodafone X customers to purchase bundles. Additionally, all Vodafone subscribers are eligible to use Shake. All subscribers are eligible for free 1GB on the Shake, however, only X subscribers can buy their bundles through Shake.

Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Successfully register on my Vodafone app
  2. Navigate to “shake on Vodafone X”
  3. 1st shake experience
  4. Select a bundle
  5. 2nd shake experience to confirm bundle purchase
  6. Bundle purchase notification


Special vodafone x bundles

  • These bundles are only available on Shake on My Vodafone App
  • The bundles are not auto-renewable.
  • The Special bundles will be revised per our discretion as and when we deem fit.
  • There’s a Free 1GB data for Subscribers who go on My Vodafone App to try Shake.
  • The Free 1GB data is valid for 24 hours
  • Each Subscriber can redeem the 1GB only once
  • All bonus “Xtra”data allocated per offer will assume the validity of the X bundle being purchased.  i.e bonus on weekly bundles will be for 7 days. Bonus on Monthly bundles will be for 30 days
source: Vodafone Ghana
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