Vodafone Internet settings for IOS ,Andriod ,Java,Symbian and Blackberry Devices.

For Android Phones
  •     Go to Application
  •     Then Settings
  •     Select Wireless and Network/ Mobile Network
  •     Go down in an Access Point Name (APN)
  •     Press menu key and select New APN
  •     Fill in the following information
  •     Under name, enter Vodafone_gh
  •     Under APN, enter either browse/internet
  •     Ignore the others and go to Authentication Type and select NONE
  •     Under APN Type enter internet + mms
  •     Press the Menu Key again and SAVE
  •     Please tap on the circle beside the new APN created to activate

    For IOS
  •     Go to Settings
  •     Select General
  •     Go to Network
  •     Select Mobile Data Network
  •     Enter APN as browse / internet

    For Blackberry
Kindly dial *500# to subscribe for the blackberry packages.
Kindly send empty text to 700 for the automatic internet settings.
​NB : It works for Symbian,Java and China phones.
Source: Vodafone Support Center.
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