How do I participate in the promo?
You do not need to register for this promo. Simply acquire a Tigo 
prepaid SIM card or use your old Tigo prepaid line to call, text
 or browse more to win amazing prizes.
Note that the more you use your SIM card, the more points you 
accumulate to win prizes.

Can postpaid customers participate in the Promo?
No Post-paid customers are excluded from this Promotion. Only 
Prepaid customers can participate.

How do I check my points?
a) Subs can dial *456# and choose from the options available
b) For daily points, subs must dial *456*1#
c) For weekly points, subs must dial *456*2#3
d) For monthly points, subs must dial *456*3#
e) For family points, subs must dial *456*4#

How do I earn points?

You can either earn points as an individual or as a family by 
performing the following activities in the table below:
Activity Points (Main Wallet) Points (Bonus Wallet)
Each 1 on-net minute 100 10
Each 1 x-net minute 50 5
Each 1 IDD minute 50 5
Each 1 on-net SMS 5 5
Each 1 x-net SMS 5 5
Each 1 IDD SMS 5 5
Each 10MB data 100 100
Each GHC 1 reload with 
scratch card
50 50
Each GHC 1 reload with 
Tigo Cash
100 100

Can I play as an individual and a family?
Yes, this promo allows you to play both as an individual 
and in a family.
However, a subscriber can only join one family throughout 
the promo period.

What is the family play?
Family play gives subscribers the opportunity to participate 
and win in the promo as a group.
A maximum of 5 subscribers can play in a group.

How do I create or join a family?
Dial *456*5# and follow the prompts.

Do I register to play in this promotion as an individual?
No, however you need to use your Tigo line for more 
activities in order to win prizes.

What is the cycle of a week in this promo?
A week in this promo begins from Monday 00.00hrs 
to Sunday 23:59hrs.

How will customers be notified when they win?
Direct phone calls to winners
SMS notification to airtime winners
Publication of winners’ numbers (MSISDNS) in 
print and the internet 

NB. Note that a winner do not have to pay any amount before
     collecting prize reward.

What prizes can customers win in the Promo?

Daily Prizes Qty
3kva Generators + GHC 200 Fuel Voucher 90
Rechargeable Lamps 1260
Power Banks 450

Weekly Guaranteed Prize
Up to 20 mins Free Airtime

Monthly Prizes
3000W Invertors 12
Cummins Generator 10kVA + GHC 500 Fuel Voucher 2

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