Recieving Unwanted Text Messages And Calls From Mobile Networks in Ghana?

Unsolicited electronic messages or unwanted Text Messages and calls simply refer to electronic messages that a recipient has not solicited for.
Unwanted text Messages and Calls include:
• Spams: these are harmful, fraudulent,
misleading, illegal or unsolicited messages in
bulk without the express permission of the
• Fraudulent Communication i.e. message/
statement which is false and misleading.
• Obnoxious Communication: This is the
transmission of message/statement that can
harass or disturb recipient.

These messages may be sent in the form of:
• Text or writings;
• Data; or
• Speech, music or other sounds; or
• Visual images (animated or other-wise); or
• Any other form; or any combination of forms

Who sends these Messages?
• Network Messages: These are messages sent
by Mobile Network Operator(MNO) on their
products and services.
• Subscription Messages: These are promotional and marketing messages that can be sent to consumers from their MNO or from a Third Party Provider. Third Party Providers are known as Value Added Services providers who initiate electronic communications to market services, investment and goods to the public.
• Spam (Web to Text) Messages: Messages are being sent by lead generation companies that are trying to find people who will respond so they can market their products and services for profit.

What the law says
The Electronic Communications Regulations
2011 covers the way service providers send
direct marketing messages by electronic means.
Service Providers should not send you marketing
messages and calls you have not agreed to receive,
• The MNO and the subscriber are in contract for
the provision of Electronic Communications.
• The messages are about similar products or
services offered by the Network Provider.

Where did they get my details from?

In some cases, the details are provided unknowingly by you. However, there are cases where the companies sending the messages don’t hold any information about you. They send these calls and text messages by randomly generating mobile telephone numbers and sending several hundreds, or thousands of texts in the hope that a proportion of subscribers may be reached.
What to do when you receive unwanted messages
or calls
Step 1
Unsubscribe by simply sending “STOP” to the
number from which the message or call was sent
or from a particular sender.

Step 2

If you are still receiving Unwanted Messages or
Calls after a few days of unsubscribing, report to
your service provider.
Step 3
If you are still not satisfied, with the results,
contact the National Communications Authority
on 0302 2771701 or visit our website (www. to follow the procedure for filing a
What can I do to avoid unwanted (spam)
messages and calls?
• Be careful who you give your telephone
number to.
• Don’t advertise your telephone number, for
example by putting it on the internet.
• Check privacy policies and marketing opt
outs carefully.
• Be careful of “activation codes”. Don’t answer
“yes” to questions that may get you to
authorize a service that you do not intend to
subscribe for.
What are my rights as a consumer?
Per the Electronic Communication Act 2008,
Act 775; consumers are entitled to the following
statutory rights when entering into telecom
service contracts.
• The right to be informed about products and
services in complete, accurate, simple and
clear language.
• The right to be heard and complain about
quality, delay, quantity and tariff with regard
to the nature of the communication service
being provided.
• The right to redress, to be given a fair
settlement of just claims.
• The right to consumer education on services
being offered
• The right to opt-out from receiving
unsolicited electronic messages
• The right of privacy of information
• The right to enjoy universal access
• The right to receive compensation for misrepresentation
of products or services
Please note;
• Your service provider has the right to inform
you of products and services related to their
• All Text Messages and calls from your Service
Provider should have an option for you to
unsubscribe or Opt Out.
For further information and details on managin Unwanted Text Messages and Calls, contact the National Communications Authority on any of the contacts provided.
National Communications Authority,
Head Office, Accra
1st Rangoon Close, Switchback Road,
Cantonments, Accra, Ghana
P. O. Box CT 1568, Cantonments, Accra
Tel: +233 – (0)30 – 2776621/2771701
Fax: +233 – (0)30 – 2763449
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