Free 750mb from AirTel Ghana for Just GH₵1 Cedi.

 With Just 1Gh cedis You are given 750mb bundle and 200 mins for airtel to airtel calls after subscription.

Dial *477# to subscribe to the Airtel Sika Kokoo Promo.

To extend the expiry date for this bundle kindly dial *700*2#  and you will be given free 50mb in addition to the bundles and the expiry date will also be extended.


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172 comments to “Free 750mb from AirTel Ghana for Just GH₵1 Cedi.”
  1. Airtel sika kokoo has stopped working for me as at 28/09/2015.
    I get a response saying "you are not eligible for this offer" when i try to subscribe
    I get the same response even if i try to subscribe on a mobile phone
    Please i need a solution badly

  2. lol is simple activate when you phone is in the 3G mode the sika kokoo will work. But if you are not in a 3G area it will not work you will BECOME ELIGIBLE TO THE AIRTEL SIKA KOKOO. Cheers

  3. I subscribed successfully the first time but when I tried for the second time on October 19th , I was given only free what's app and free airtel money transfer. Where is my 750mb. And ur internet frequently goes down in zagyuri in Tamale.

  4. I have more than the GHC1.00 but it keeps telling me I'm not eligible. Because of that I bought a new sim to subscribe to the sika kokoo and it's the same message you are not eligible. So what are the requirements for one to be eligible?

  5. Airtel Sika Kokoo works on particular sim cards. It is randomised, hence if you’re lucky, your number might be part of those that can enjoy.
    Airtel has placed restrictions on the promo. Now it’s only available in the Brong-Ahafo and Northern regions. But if you are not in any of these regions, no need to worry. When you get the error message, just keep subscribing for about 5 times. One of them will subscribe you. Just keep checking your airtime after every 5 tries. Also, the package now expires after one day. Keep watching this space for more updates.

  6. Airtel at it again.Have been using the sika kokooo for the past month…is now telling me today im not eligible…why??? Cant they for once explain things to us…? I cald their customare care line & she was like maybe its the network i should try later. With no better solution..should that be the case when people have been complaining for a while ..without any first hand solution ….SMH # disappointed#

  7. To those saying they can't subscribe, you have to switch your network to edge or 2g before subscribing. and if you wanna check for your sika kokoo bundle, you simple dial "*125# and choose option 1 to check your bundle balance.

  8. Kwame gyekye don't be disappointed.what i know about this offer is that,it works only in some parts of the country.It works in the 3 northern regions,volta and brong ahafo you are not eligible if you are not in any of these regions.
    hope this helps.

  9. But i tried activating whiles on 3G but I received the message saying “sorry you're not eligible for……. Thank you”

  10. It says I'm not eligible for this service but I'm using a 3G phone why.
    Is it that it doesn't work on all airtel sim cards?

  11. Aitel sika kokoo isn't working anymore, I've also been having" you're not eligible" thing for some time now.
    Have tried everything I can do with my 4 SIM cards and none of them works.

  12. I currently enjoy 5.5GB of airtel sika kooko daily.
    i guess you guy's should have left enough Airtime in your sim for automatic daily subscription..

    My Airtel SIM is still capable of subscribing for airtel SikaKookoo

  13. I currently enjoy 5.5GB of airtel sika kooko daily.
    i guess you guy's should have left enough Airtime in your sim for automatic daily subscription..

    My Airtel SIM is still capable of subscribing for airtel SikaKookoo

  14. in order to be eligible for the airtel Sims kokoo you have to unsubscribe from any other promos and services. i.e the double bonus you receive anytime you recharge airtime. I still access the sika kokoo and am in greater Accra.

  15. Av been using the sika kooko promo up until today . I tried subscribing nd tls me flex social bundle get 40 mb for social media nd extra 50 mb foe browing masa I want sika kooko not flex

  16. Pls I tried to bundle airtel sika kokoo this morning but whenever I dial *477# the sika kokoo will pop up when I select 1 which de buy one time then the airtel flex will pop up…I just want to know if the airtel sika kokoo has been canceled because I just bought the sim n activated the sika kokoo for only two days

  17. How can they cancel the sika kokoo without alerting their users.I've been getting this flex message too since 12th sept and was wondering why they'll tell me to subscribe to the Useless Flex Bundle when i don't need it. charley them worry me o. Now I can't even browse on the internet with freedom. In fact i only came online today to research about sika kokoo and realised we are all the same. Airtel paa I bought the sim card because of sika kokoo and i've been using it for years, I never used it for calls; only internet. I didn't even see anything good about airtel apart from sika kokoo. Now I'll have to throw the sim card away cos i don't need it anymore. Maybe all sika kokoo users have to demonstrate by not using Airtel again. If they lose more customers they will think sharp and perhaps bring the offer back. Now they think they have more customers so they can f**l with us .lol. I'll go for the mtn unlimited 3am like that and wait for a different network that will bring a good internet offer. But for now it's goodbye to Airtel.

  18. now they have stop the sika kokoo
    when u dial *477# and select 1 or 2 it will change to flex bundle…i wont to know whether they have stop it
    cos it really help me and i have 3sim that i always use

  19. I bought airtel sim bcoz of sika kokoo and now u ar telin me tu move tu airtel flex.
    No sika kokoo No airtel
    because without sika kokoo the sim is no use to me anymore…
    dear agent plz try tu du smtin wit dex becuz u cn loss 70 percent of ur customers.
    and I am one of them.plz..
    I thought it was only me dat cnt access sika mi frz hav statin movin tu tigo.bcuz derz no sika kokoo

  20. please the sika koko is only for people in the north,if registered with a northern name you are saved but if not change your name ooooo, am still enjoying it.remember northeners are poor for flex and browse chaw.

  21. I never saw this forum…
    I also received this message at around the beginning of last yr.
    I was in Volta by then I remember I could extend my expiry date.
    The sim got missed anyway….
    I don't know if I should go for a new sim
    Will the service be still available or unavailable to me.

  22. is not supported by all sim cards there is only one sim card it support this sim card has it colour white if you have the one that is white and red it will not work just try to get the sim am taking about and you will enjoy it cheers

  23. please help me register for this offer, this my number 0560139379. I chose airtel because i know your going to help me with your sikakoko for my assignment and from then have i lik. this network but is not working for me. please help me

  24. Hi,
    I am a Deaf and very poor.Please help me register for this offer, this my number 0261581941. I chose airtel because i know your going to help me with your sikakoko for my assignment and from then have i like. this network but is not working for me.Please help me too

  25. hello guys, of late since last week i have been trying the sika koko since last week and instead of them to redirect me to airtel flex, they have started to behave like at first when u will dial it and they will tell you that you are not eligible for this offer. I think it is back but will need u guys to try and also check it out and if it is working do please leave a comment.

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