Whatsapp for PC : How to use Whatsapp on PC ?

Whatsapp for PC : How to use Whatsapp on PC ?

Whatsapp is the most famous and the Best of Mobile messenger application through which you can send unlimited text messages, photos, videos etc. without paying any extra penny to your service provider.  All you need to have is a 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi enabled device. It supports most of the devices today such as the Androids, Windows phones, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and selected Nokia Series 40 (S40) devices. But it is not available for PC. But one can use Whatsapp on PC. And this is what this article is all about i.e Whatsapp for PC / How to use Whatsapp on PC.

Before starting with the tutorial to use Whatsapp on PC you need to know a few things:

  • Make Sure that the number which you are going to use is not being used for Whatsapp on any other device.
  • Once you register a number on your PC, the next time to use it on some other device you need to verify it again. Thus, you need to verify the Phone number each and every time you use it for Whatsapp on some other device.
  • You need to have an active Internet Connection to use Whatsapp on your PC.

I have divided the tutorial in two parts. The first part tells you how to install Whatsapp on PC and the second part talks about how to configure Whatsapp and verification of phone number on PC.

1. This is the First step. Downloading Whatsapp

To use Whatsapp on PC first of all download either Bluestacks or Youwave for Android. And install any one of the two.
Note: Bluestacks may not install on some devices due to its graphic requirements, in that case you need to install Youwave for Android.

Installing Whatsapp on Bluestacks

  • Open Bluestacks and you will see a search box there.
  • Now type “Whatsapp” in the search Box and click on “Find”.
  • Now in the search results you will see “Whatsapp Messenger”. Click on the install button in front of it.Whatsapp on PC using Bluestacks
  • Wait for some time while Whatsapp installs on your PC.
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Installing Whatsapp on Youwave

After downloading Youwave install it and run. Now follow the below given steps to install Whatsapp on Youwave

  • Now after Youwave has fully loaded, on the Youwave menu bar click on View >> Online ContentWhatsapp on PC using Youwave
  • Now you will see some Apps listed below and Whatsapp would also be listed among them.
  • Click on Whatsapp icon to install Whatsapp.
  • Wait for some time while whatsapp is being downloaded.
  • You can track the download by looking on the right side of the Menu Bar.
  • After the download is complete click on View >> Apps. And you will see Whatsapp listed there.
  • Double click on Whatsapp to install it in Youwave.Whatsapp on PC using Youwave (2)
  • Now Browse for Whatsapp on Youwave and click on it to run.

Now, that you have installed Whatsapp on your PC it’s time to configure it and verify your Phone Number so that you can use it.

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2. Configuring and verifying Phone Number

After installing Whatsapp run it and then you need to input the Phone number in the box provided for the same. Now Whatsapp will try to send SMS to the phone number you entered and verify it. You will get the Message with the code but Whatsapp would not be able to verify it since the phone number (SIM cars) is on some other device. Whatsapp will wait for SMS Verification for 5 minutes and then will show an error message.
SMS verification on Whatsapp

You would see another option on this error page saying “Call Me” click on it and you will receive a call from some International Number and you will hear a Verification Code. Input that code in the box provided for the same.
Call Verification on Whatsapp

Remember that do not enter even a single digit of verification code wrong otherwise you will have to repeat the whole verification process again.
You are almost done. After Whatsapp starts you need to add contacts manually into it so that you can chat with your friends.

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