Make Internet Speed Faster Without any Software

Make Internet Speed faster

There are many of us who browse the net through Dial-Up modems and ISDN’s . I was also one of them a few days back and I know that the speed is not at all good. But due to financial conditions or some other reasons some of us can’t afford For high speed Internet. But we can surely speed up our Internet connection by 20% (i.e make internet speed faster)  simply by following the few steps given below and you know what 20% means a lot when you are on a 56kbps dialup internet connection or if even you are on broadband and your speed is low.

1. Go to the run command and enter “gpedit.msc” without quote.
2. Go to Computer Configuration.
3. Go to Administrative Templates
4. Go to network.
5. Go to QoS Packet Sheduler.
6. Double click on Limit reservable bandwidth.
7. Change Not Enabled to Enable and you can see 20% in there.
Just change it to 0% and apply and you are done.
Note that you can feel the increase in speed only on if you are on Dial Up or on slow speed connection. For high Speed connection also it works  but you may not feel the change in speed..

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