How to use Gmail Offline ?
Google came up with a service for people who cannot afford / or do not have access to high speed Internet connectivity or people with Limited Data Plans. The service is called Gmail Offline. This post is about how to use gmail offline.

What is Gmail Offline and how does it works ?

Gmail Offline is basically an Extension which you can add to Google Chrome so that you can use Gmail without using Internet Connection.
Once added it makes a copy of all your Mails when you are logged in which then accessed will not eat up your Internet Data. And thus it saves Data for people on Limited Data plans.

How to Enable / Use Gmail Offline ?

1. First of all login to your Gmail Account.
2. On the upper left hand side you will see a Gear Icon click on it. Now a drop down menu opens. Click on ” Settings
Enable gmail offline

3. Now the page refreshes and you will see another page with a set of options on the top saying General, Labels, Inbox, Accounts etc. There is an option saying ” Offline “. Click on that.
How to Enable Gmail Offline

4. Now click on Install Gmail Offline. A new tab will open .
How to use Gmail Offline
5. Click on ” Add to Chrome ” button. It will ask for confirmation. Click on Add.
Use Gmail Offline

6. An icon of Gmail Offline will be added to the Chrome App Page.
Gmail Offline
7. Whenever you need to use Gmail Offline. Then go to the Chrome App Page and click on Gmail Offline while you are logged in.

Alternative method to install / use Gmail Offline

Simply open this link : Install Gmail Offline and you will get the Gmail Offline Extension Page. Click on Add to Chrome. And then Confirm by clicking on add.
Now Gmail will sync your PC with your Gmail account allowing you to use Gmail While you are offline and will save your data.

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