Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?

Avast and AVG are the most downloaded free Antivirus throughout the world. Both of them have some plus points as well as some minus points. As the title : “Avast vs AVG ” suggests , this article is an unbiased comparison between the two Antivirus.
We will compare them for many features starting from Installation to Scanning to updating.

Avast vs AVG

So here starts the war (lol) :  Avast vs AVG
Avast vs AVG

                  Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?


AVG: The new AVG 2013 has quick and easy installation. And if one chooses to install Security Bar and AVG secure search engine than it may increase the installation time.
Avast: The installation of new Avast is certainly faster than the earlier versions. Also in avast the installation time will increase if you choose to install any add-ons provided while Avast installation.

                 Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?

User Interface

AVG: The new user interface of AVG 2013 is of  Metro style and is very attractive  and easy to use. All the important function buttons visible straight away such as the “UPDATE” button etc.
Avast vs AVG

Avast: The new Interface of Avast 8 is just awesome. Now all the important functions are on the starting screen of Avast and you need not to go deep into the menus to find a single thing. Everything is in the front. The new UI of Avast is really attractive. A must try for all.
Avast 8

                  Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?


AVG: AVG being one of the best antivirus not only protects your PC from threats but also its LinkScanner protects your PC from online threats that may creep into your system. Besides that Email and Rootkit scan are additional plus points to AVG. There is this AVG Advisor feature which will warn you when your Browser uses too much CPU.
AVG is no doubt a good antivirus but I and many of my friends faced this problem that AVG is not capable to detect the new threats and thus compromises our PC’s security. I had to format my whole PC  just because a Virus had entered my PC which would direct me straight away to a blue screen.
AVAST: Avast being the most downloaded Antivirus has all the features of AVG plus an extra feature of Boot-Time scan. It protects you from all the threats whether they are new or old. Thus Avast scores over AVG in detecting new threats. I have not faced any problems with my PC from the time I started using Avast.
But sometimes Avast does show some false positives i.e. a file may not be Virus but Avast may show it as a virus. So before deleting / Quarantining viruses with Avast do check if it contains some important file which may not be a Virus.
Also the Malware detection rate of Avast is much better than that of AVG.

                  Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?

Performance / CPU Usage

AVG: AVG no doubt has great features but when it comes to CPU usage and you have a 1 GB RAM then think twice before using AVG . Because if your run heavy applications which require lot of RAM and then in between you open AVG then you would be crying ( :P ) for one or two minutes, your PC may hang. AVG is resource hoggy. It uses lot of resources of your PC. The updates ae small but it needs daily manual updation.
Avast: Avast scores over AVG in terms of Performance also. While AVG is resource hoggy Avast uses almost no resources of your PC (unless you are on 256 MB RAM :P ). Earlier versions did used some resources but now the recent versions of Avast 7 and Avast 8 will not even let you feel that you are running an antivirus. So in terms of resource usage Avast wins the race. In Avast updates are small as well as automatic.

                  Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?


For me Avast wins the race because of its good Malware detection rate, less resource usage, and also because of its good rate of detecting NEW THREATS. Also if AVG had good User Interface then the User Interface of Avast has also been redesigned to make the users feel more comfortable. So Avast is the clear winner for now. Maybe AVG could improve their technology more to become the number one.

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