unlock zte modem

Unlock zte modem

 Do you have a zte modem and want to change your provider. its not impossible. you can unlock your zte modem and easily use any other provider as you wish. the steps to unlock are really simple.
You will need and nck code of your modem to unlock your modem and you should know how to enter the nck code into your zte modem. so here is the step by step guide to unlock zte modem to use any sim in it

 Step by step guide to unlock zte modem 

 Download and install the nck code calculator software to calculate the unlock code of your modem

After downloading run the nck code calculator software find the iemi number of your modem in the nck code calculator window select the zte tab enter the iemi number of your zte modem and click on calculate to generate the unlock code copy the nck code. nck code is the unlock code for unlocking your zte modem

  • How to enter the unlock nck code to unlock zte modem? now insert a new sim to the modem and plugin the modem. a pop up window will show a message saying the sim is locked enter code. 

  • Enter the nck code you just generated to the space provided and then click ok. you are done your modem is unlocked if you are trying to unlock zte phone then remove the SIM card and try this code ###825*09# . got the prompt for code?
  •  Enter the code. to unlock your zte modem if above method doesnt work try *983*8284# . It should work enjoy your unlocked zte phone or modem comment here if you have any questions
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