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The Promotion is organized by Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited (operating under the brand name Vodafone Ghana, and hereinafter referred to as “Vodafone”). Promo Benefits 120 Minutes and 20 MB between 6am & 8am daily by dialing 543 or *543#. An active customer requires a minimum balance of 20 pesewas to enjoy the offer for FREE and an

Youtube Channels in Ghana with the Largest Audience.

With YouTube you can  share every video online and it can be shared with friends, family, followers and that can be readily accessed worldwide. There are YouTube Channels that have better impact on the society because of their positive video content void of any negativity and there are such channels 

Vodafone Cash Tariffs and Transaction charges in Ghana.

Vodafone Cash by Vodafone Ghana services has swift and uninterrupted money services that has been accepted as one of the best in Ghana, But do you know their transaction charges? Check below their various Tariff and other transaction charges next time you visit a Mobile money vendor to know how

Download Youtube Videos With 9xbuddy.

Youtube has a vision that everyone deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories. Through this a lot of interesting Channels pops up each day with interesting characters depicting various talents that easily catches the

Top Fundraising & Crowdfunding Sites 2018

Organization of events for funds for a project has been made simpler through the introduction of Online funding platforms where people with the same interest can donate worldwide. Today i will Compare the ranking, features, and fees for popular fundraising platforms.

Bad Reviews from MTN Ghana Subscribers.

MTN Ghana in the quest to promote Ghana’s strong development potential from the provision of world-class telecommunications products and services, through to innovative and sustainable corporate social investment initiatives, though they are the market leaders in the increasingly competitive mobile telecommunications industry in Ghana with over 12 million subscribers but

MTN Ghana Shortcodes

MTN shortcodes Shortcode Description *124# Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance. *567# MTN Pulse 100 Call Center *134*PIN# Reloading Airtime 154[0244000000] MTN pay for me. Dial 154 followed by number without space. This will make the recepient of the call pay for the call. 024x xxx xxx 1 to 1399 Please call me service. Send a message with 024x xxx xxx 1 to 1399. *138*1*1# Internet

Recharge and Send Mobile Money via GCB Bank without Internet.

GCB Bank limited has one of the best mobile banking services for your financial control at your fingertips, wherever you are, whenever you need it. With their mobile banking services, you can have your financial information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Mobile services requires sign-up and registration. Ask any of their

Recharge Ghana Mobile Networks Online

With the establishment various mobile networks in Ghana which has made life easier through the introduction of Call,Messages, Internet and other Data services to enable their customers to engage in instant communication with their loved ones, business partners, families etc at a faster rate compared to previous years where there

Vodafone Ghana Yendi Agoro Promo

The promo game dubbed ‘’ Yendi Agoro ’’. This game can be played on My Vodafone App or via USSD Code *533#. The game can be played once for free in a day, however, one can play for 0.20Ghc per game or 0.80Ghc for five (5) games. Customers who do