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IMANI Exposes Fake KELNIGVG Website after alleged $89million Fraud Contract with Ghana.

IMANI Center for Policy and Education, a Ghana-based think-tank which sets out to achieve its mission by subjecting any government policy that is likely to have systematic implications for development to basic ‘value for money’, ‘due diligence’ and ‘rational choice’, ‘public choice’ and ‘vested interest’ analysis and then actively engage

The Masquerade Against The Common Platform (Response to IMANI).

The recent commentary from Imani Africa (and I am being polite in describing it as commentary) is as barefaced and malevolent a hatchet job as one could hope to see. The blatant disregard for accuracy and fair comment reeks of malice aforethought. Throughout the piece, there is evidence aplenty of an

IMANI ALERT: Of Telecom Revenue Assurance and the Game of Musical Chairs by the Ministry of Communications

Ghanaians will remember in 2014 that the government, in its bid to enhance its oversight and revenue generation activities in the telecommunications sector, contracted Subah Infosolutions Ltd to build and operate a platform for monitoring caller data records (CDR). Two government agencies, namely the National Communications Authority, (NCA) and the Ghana

Fake News Websites in Ghana

There are undoubtedly various lists of fake news sites in recent times in Ghana. These fake news sites intentionally publish hoaxes and disinformation to drive web traffic rather than for a humorous purpose, as in news satire.But all of these websites peddle bogus stories, either by making up fake news

Nation Builders Corps Launched in Ghana.

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) programme is a government initiative to address graduate unemployment to solve social problems. The focus of the initiative will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance and drive revenue mobilization and collection. NABCO is independent of what government agencies are doing. NABCO

MTN Ghana Bright Scholarships for Tertiary Education.

MTN Ghana Foundation is inviting students in public tertiary institutions to apply for its Bright Scholarships which is opened from 3rd April to 3rd May 2018. The scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, accommodation and a stipend for books and other relevant reading materials. Are you a First year or

Social Media Followers can Become Customers for Life.

Is your presence on the internet having some influence on your followers? Social media is becoming an integrating part of our daily life through interactions we have with our friends and followers. Do you have an existing business that you are planning to promote on Social Media ? Then you must

Ghanaians with Massive Followers on Twitter.

In Ghana being verified on Twitter is seen as an Upgrade and Recognition of one's personality Status which most people wish to gain over the years in Ghana. Most "Popular" personalities who have excelled in their field of work have large followers, Which opens up wider coverage of any information