Bad Reviews from Glo Ghana Customers.

They say opinions are like noses and everyone has one, There has been complains from some Glo customers that its network and other services associated with it are poorly managed. Though they had much expectations of enjoying better service packages upon their entry into Ghana with the permission from the National Communications Authority (NCA) due to the accolade tagged them by our brothers from Nigeria “THE GRANDMASTERS OF DATA”.
But there has been some disappointments on the part of Ghanaians due to unreliable network coverage,other technical errors and poor customer service representatives who have failed to explain to their cherished customers the reasons of not satisfying their needs.

I stand to be corrected but are these complains really genuine? Because we live in a society where most people communicate based on “HEAR SAY” that is commenting on issues based on what a particular source is saying but there is no valid verification to check if these facts are true or not.
I can say that not everyone is a registered glo sim card user but they often turn around to give bad reviews about GLO.
Personally Glo is the Best Network in Ghana interms of Data bundle prices, internet connection speed and better data deduction rates compared to other networks like MTN , AIRTEL AND TIGO.
I have been using it for almost four years without any serious concerns which makes me doubt if some of the complains from people are really genuine.
But checks on their social media page GLO WORLD GHANA reveals the page is poorly managed as compared to our Nigerian brothers who are enjoying better customer service responses from their GLO WORLD facebook page.
I would like to share with you some of the bad reviews by GLO GHANA customers on their page on facebook below.
NOTE: Truely speaking each area have their own concerns on Glo network and their services but i will suggest the network adopt a swift strategy to address these concerns raised for better and effective customer satisfaction.
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